Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer 09'

I LOVE my friends! I have been in North Texas for oh..........15 years now, yikes! Seems like just yesterday. I never thought I'd stay here this long but I'm so glad I did. I met my wonderful husband and have made life long friends that I'm not sure what I would do without them. We had our annual "Back to School" cookout Saturday and it was so nice to just sit and talk with everyone. Here a few pics from the night!

Ryder, RyLeigh and Luke enjoy the air conditioning after a long night of jump housing!

Rocket meets everyone, ahwww the love!!!

Ella loves her some Matt!

Cody and Allie discussing Matt's ribs

Ryder comes by his love of Sonic honestly, thanks to his Momma:

We of course had to have a bouncy house, although Elmo is "not cool" it had to do because Mom didn't get Sponge Bob in time!

Luke and Cameryn "girl", poor thing she is labeled for life..., this is before "the incident". Short version, Luke has a bruise on his forehead and Cameryn now has a loose front tooth:)

Lisa and her "good side".

Bhealor enjoying some down time and ribs.

If you like Pina Coladas..... and thanks to Doug we ALL enjoyed LOTS of them:)

Sweet, sweet Allie Grace........

Ben and Miss Dana, we love her so.........

Sam and "mixmaster" Doug;)

Tracie (who also love drinking Pina Coladas) and Robbie

Leslie and Randall, that's their "Thank God we have dogs and not children look"!

How do you tell this face no, this answer is ....... You don't! What Ryder wants from Miss Tammy Ryder gets from Miss Tammy. Love this kid!

Camp Thurman Week

My nephews came up again this year for Camp Thurman and had a blast. This was the first morning before we left.

Okay well maybe this was the first day, well one was the first and one was last day. They had a blast and were SO TIRED every night. Have I mentioned how much three boys eat? I was shocked and thankful I have ONE full time. My poor sister must spend a lot of time at the store:)

Speaking of friends........

This is my BFF since grade school Kathy and her son Benjamin. No, I don't wear this shirt at every function, just a fluke! Anyway.... we were both maids of honor in each other's weddings (well my first one anyway) and have been through everything with each other. Marriage, pregnancy, divorce, more preganancy ect.... Well we haven't been in contact in few years and we were able to get together while I was in Houston this summer. It was so good to see her. You forget how important old friends are, they know all the "good" stories about you and always support you. She has another son Bradley that I can't believe will be a SENIOR in high school this year. So glad I got to see her!

This is how I feel after typing this post.......... exhausted!! I'm sure if you have read it all you are too! Luke loves his "brother" Rocket and he has fit right into our family. We sure miss our Bo Man though:(

More summer to come...............

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eggs, Baskets and Easter Sunday!

These are the eggs the kids decorated Saturday night. Beautiful aren't they? They had a great time making them. The lighting makes them look a bit yellow.

This is how they started out. We had speckled stuff, camo stuff and regular egg dye. It is amazing what all they have out there now to decorate eggs. I stayed away from the glitter, although I'm sure my mom would have loved that.

Maddie was very careful and wanted hers to be perfect.

Luke was a little less careful, he was all about how fast he could go to beat his sister:)

This was taken shortly after the Easter Bunny visited last night, or actually very early this morning. I'm glad that they both know why we truly celebrate Easter, the resurrection of our Savior, but........ they still expect the CANDY!!!!

This is right after church as we dodged the showers. The kids did great in "Big" church. Luke had his word find so that helped a lot. All this humidity and my hair didn't know what to do!

We had lunch at El Arroyo after church and then Matt and Maddie headed out to meet her mom in Buffalo. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Catching Up......

This is what you get when you give Luke a camera. He went to Llano with Matt and his parents over Spring Break and apparently got a hold of the camera and took a few pics. The next few are from the Luke Sebesta Gallery of Art:)

He has been talked to about taking pics of my butt, Matt didn't have that talk with him, obviously.

Neither did Memaw!

He was also allowed to shoot a 22. Now let me preface this by again stating he was with Dad and I was not there. This is what I get for staying home. I will try and upload the video too. I guess he's a good shot yada yada yada. Have I mentioned before that I was sure he was a girl and I'd be doing mani/pedi's with him(her) by now. But NOOOOOOOOO.... my child shoots guns and takes pictures of cows and butts instead.

Luke made it to the district speech meet back in February. We were very proud of him. Here he is receiving his ribbon. He didn't place in the top but he did really well. There were like 400 students from several schools there that day.

We spent most of Spring Break in Houston at my sister's house. We had a good time and I got to see my boys! I can't believe how old Travis looks now. Here they all are on St. Patrick's Day. We went to the mall that day (see I do get my girl stuff in by throwing in a visit to Game Stop)!

We went to Space Center Houston and here are the boys getting off the simulator ride. They said it was fun. I couldn't ride because I had just bought a Starbucks Latte and lets see..... ride the nauseating simulator and pay $4 or pay $4 for a coffee and take pics. Easy choice.

Last weekend Luke played in a tournament with his summer coach. Two of his friends from school also played. This is Luke, Nick, and Parker.

Today we went to the Easter egg hunt at church. Luke has gone every year since he could walk. We took Camryn(girl) with us. They had a blast.

Pure Joy! That is what a tire swing is to little kids. To adults it's a matter of time before someone pukes. You just pray it isn't your kid. Even with candy and twirling around A LOT, we had no puking! Just the Pure Joy!

Luke spent his birthday at Great Wolf Lodge this year with a couple of friends. That's a whole other blog but here is a pic of him and Parker at lunch at Rainforest Cafe the next day. Do they look tired? We all were:)

I'm only putting this video clip on here because Matt insists that I do. He is so proud. Next time I update I'm putting a video clip of Luke spelling lots of words correctly and then reading a book and folding underwear and putting them up himself:) We'll take a vote on what's more impressive after that!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Been Awhile!

We started our new year off with a trip to Wolf Creek Ski Resort in Colorado. We had a blast and Luke loved skiing and playing in the snow.

Luke did wolf pup school for three days and I did lessons for two days. Matt did a half day and decided watching Luke was more fun than falling on his butt in the snow 20 million times. I guess sometimes he knows what he's doing!

I know you are all waiting for the pictures of me coming down the slopes. Well I was SO FAST Matt couldn't catch me in time:) Okay the thing that I was the best at was popping off my skis with my pole and getting my butt out of the way of the other skiers!

I have more pics of the trip that I will post later, but I'm tired and going to bed. Isn't Luke cute without his front teeth? :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Moments

This is a former student of mine Jonathan after Bowie won the district championship game. He invited me to come and watch him play and so Luke and I went to the last game. It was such a good game and Jonathan made an awesome catch that involved 25 yards and jumping over people:) He is Luke's new hero! Such a smart kid and he was so good to Luke. Took him down on the field after the game for the school song and pics. I can only hope Luke turns out to be as good a kid as Jonathan. He reminds me a lot of him, except when he leaves class to eat candy out of his backpack and tells people I'm the devil:)

Another former student Greg Pickney, he was also a favorite kid! I felt REALLY old at this game!
Luke on the field singing the Bowie song, we won't tell PCA!

Here is Luke's class on their field trip to Old City Park in Dallas. This picture cracks me up, half of them are looking away, making a funny face or covering up their face, that's first grade for you.

This is the old school building. They had a "teacher" who told the kids all about school in the good ol' days. Luke was being bitten all over by ants he had rolled in right before we came in this building. I kept shhhing him everytime he raised his hand to get my attention. I was busy snapping pics! I felt REALLY bad when I found out why he needed me and how many bites he had:(

Luke and Heather at Alley Cats during Farrell's PTA party. Can you tell Heather is in fourth grade, she may catch up to Luke one day... A girl can hope!

Luke's school did a musical called King of the Jungle. Grades 1-3 participated.

Here is Luke and best bud Parker. I guess that Parker is a vegetarian tiger or he just doesn't care for giraffe meat.

Luke received his orange belt in karate last week. He loves doing karate and seems to do really well. I mean I can still kick his butt but he tries a little harder to resist the force that is strong within me:)

You don't want to run into these three in a dark alley! Seth, Nick and Luke are all in class together and play football together. I'm sure they pay attention in class though, Mr. Stallard doesn't play!!

Very impressive isn't it............

Well football is finally over and we had the end of season party today at River Legacy Park. It was fun, Matt grilled the hot dogs and the moms played the boys in a powder puff game. Well of course we won and rub their little faces in it!

Parker's mom Jamie and I are discussing our game plan... well okay we are talking about the other moms and how we are going to have to pick up the slack! Jamie came through with a touch down and I pulled some kid's flag after he tripped over my foot and fell down in front of me:)

Here is our favorite time of day......... night! Good night to all may you sleep as well as a tired 6yr old!